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Added 12th September, 2009

Dear All,
In the last six weeks I have visited the Sahara desert, New York, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Belize, Turkey, Germany, Holland and Hartlepool making a four part series on the impact of climate change on early human beings. We haven’t got a title for it yet but it will be transmitted around November this year to coincide with the big climate change conference happening in Copenhagen at that time.

Acting has taken more of a front seat recently. I really enjoyed my episode of Hotel Babylon; it was great playing a baddie. Transmission of my new comedy series Big Top should begin in September/ October. It’s been great to watch my co-star Amanda Holden achieve global celebrity status.

I am currently in talks with Channel 4 about continuing to work with the channel for the next three years, and we have already agreed that I’ll make a series for them in the autumn about the Blitz during which we’ll make a whole street full of houses on a military camp on the Yorkshire Moors, and then blow them to smithereens!

I’m pleased to say that Ned Kelly Revisited which I made for the Australian Broadcast Company got great ratings, it even beat the Ashes! Discussions are taking place to shoot a follow up in Australia in 2010.

It’s a pretty exciting time for me at the moment, there’s lots of other possible developments being discussed but as always I’ll let Cally know as soon as I get any firm news.

Best wishes,


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