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Added 14th July, 2008

Dear All,
I’ve just completed making a three part series about the supernatural for Channel 4 called “Unexplained”; I’ve loved every minute of it. In each episode we investigate a story in which something strange and paranormal has happened and hold it up to scrutiny. I have a sidekick, a scientific journalist called Becky McCall, who looks at each issue from a rigorously empirical point of view while I simply dive in and enjoy myself.

I’ve been regressed back to the 19th Century, done automatic handwriting (which produced impossibly good results) and have undergone the scrutiny of a psychic. The series is the complete opposite of Time Team, and may get up the nose of some of our more puritanical viewers but I’ve had a ball.

I’ve just been in South Wales shooting Time Team programme seven. So far this year we’ve been to Cornwall, Oxfordshire and we have shot two programmes back to back in the North East, one about a DMV (Deserted Medieval Village) just outside Darlington and the other digging a Tudor castle in County Durham. I took two days off afterwards to polish up my driving skills on the Land Rover off road course in Cheshire.

I’ve done several personal appearances so far this year including ‘Who do you think you are? Live’, ‘Cheltenham Science Festival’, the ‘World Monument Fund’, and a guinea pig day at ‘Hopper Haven’ in Redditch.

I’ll be filming “Catastrophe” a four-part series on the making of planet earth during July, and more Time Team documentaries in the autumn including programmes on “The Romans in Britain” and “The Picts”. I’ve also been commissioned to make a series in 2009 about the impact of climate change on ancient civilisations. There may even be a new sit-com in the offing, but I’ll let you know once it’s been confirmed.

Also I’ve just signed a contract to be the voice of Vanish for the next year so it’s going to be “Think Pink- Remember Tone”.

Best wishes,


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