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Added 11th July, 2006

Dear All
I’m getting very excited about a new series called the Codex File which we’re about a third of the way through making.

It’s hard to describe, because I don’t think anyone has made a programme like this before – which is always a good way to start. It’s set in the British Museum at night and I don’t quite know what to say about it except that it’s a sort of cross between the Crystal Maze and BBC 2’s Time Watch.

Initially we’re making 6 episodes, although if people like it others have already been pencilled in, its great fun for me in that I get the full Scooby Doo experience of a big museum at night.

The downside is that for two nights running I have to stay up all night without the aid of chemical support!!

Best wishes


Note: At present Codex is due for transmission in the weeks prior to Christmas, more information to follow…..

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