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Added 17th October 2005

Message from Tony:


Hello All

I’ve got a crazy few months ahead. I’ll be making a pilot for a strange new series which Channel 4 hope will be a cult hit, (although there’s always the chance it might turn out to be complete pants, in which case fingers crossed it never sees the light of day!)

I’ll also be making a programme about our nation’s appalling treatment of the elderly which I think is going to be called “Me And My Mum”, plus a documentary on the effect of the Book of Revelation on today’s world leaders which will take me to the Middle East, the US, and Greece (alright, I know I’ve got a good job).

I’ll also be starting work on two other docs, (subjects currently under wraps), as well as finishing off this year’s series of “Time Team” and “The Worst Jobs in History” – oh, yes! and putting the commentary on the next series of “Airline”! Hopefully I’ll get Christmas Day off.

Best wishes


P.S. Great news! The Maid Marian DVD seems to have been given the green light. We start work on the “extras” next month.


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