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Added 20th April, 2007

Dear All
I ‘m going out on tour again, starting Wednesday 25th April - click here for all the details.

I wasn’t intending to perform Cunning Night Out again but the run at last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival was so successful with all the shows sold out that it seemed crazy not to do another tour.

I’ve been busy writing new material for it over the last few weeks and although it will be essentially the same show, there’ll be plenty of new stuff in it for those who’ve seen it before.

One of the most enjoyable things about setting it up is that we’ve created a 90 page potted history of my life complete with photos which will be the souvenir program.

The big task now is to make sure we get it to the printers on time!

The next 3 or 4 months are going to be pretty hectic because in addition to the show I’ll be flying off to do more Time Teams including one on Barra in the Western Isles.

I’ll also be working on 7 more episodes of Codex. We all felt the first run was a good start, but it was a bit like the first Blackadder series. It was only when we’d made it that we became aware of what we could do to make it ten times better.

I start making my 4 part series about British Law in July - alright I know that sounds pretty dreary, but hopefully it’s going to be as entertaining and informative as Worst Jobs In History.

For some reason which I can’t quite explain, I’ve been asked to do voice-overs for a number of TV ads recently. Listen out for me extolling the virtues of Kingsmill Bread, Cartridge World, Vanish and The Guardian Supplement on Genealogy. I’ll also shortly be playing a germ down a toilet alongside Rik Mayall for Domestos!

But the most important thing right now is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this website which is this month.
I think Cally, ably abetted by Steve, has done a brilliant job.
Many thanks from me.

I always look forward to seeing what they’ve written. It’s always so accurate, particularly compared to the crap I constantly read about myself in the tabloids.
Best wishes


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