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Added 12th December 2005

Christmas Message from Tony:

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Thanks for all your interest and support over the past year.
Don’t forget “Tony’s Titanic Adventure” (where I actually dive the Titanic!) is on Channel 4 at 21.00 on Tuesday 20th December, “Worst Christmas Jobs in History” is Boxing Day at 20.00 and the new Time Team series begins on Sunday 22nd January at 17.45.

I’ve had a mad winter flying to Jerusalem, San Antonio, New York, Uganda and the Greek Islands for a new documentary called “Revelations”. Details soon!
I also made the pilot for a series provisionally entitled “The Codex File”. Again no more details yet, but if we’re commissioned there may be 12 episodes next year.

If any of you haven’t seen my stage show, “Tony Robinson’s Cunning Night Out!” I’ll be touring from February to April. Details on Latest News.

Also a new series of “Worst Jobs in History” in April, and in March a programme about how our society treats the elderly called “Me and My Mum” starring me and my mum!

I’m off to the West Indies for a spot of sun. Have a great new year.


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