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Time Team: Series 14, 2007 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Isle of Man - Finds on the Fairway
Blacklands - There's no place like Rome
Hooke Court - School Diggers
Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand
Shorncliffe - Sharpe's Redoubt
Stilton - A Port and Stilton
Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages
Warburton - No stone unturned...
Dotton - The Domesday Mill
Chesham Bois - The Cheyne Gang
Godstone - Road to the Relics
Poulton - The Abbey Habit
Bodmin Moor - In the shadow of the Tor

Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages

The village of Wicken in Northamptonshire was created in 1587 by the joining of two separate villages, each with their own church. Until this time, the villages were known independently as Wick Hamon and Wick Dive.

Wick Dive became the wealthier of the two villages with its manor house and restored church, and perhaps may always have been.
Recent excavation has identified a wealth of Anglo Saxon pottery, associated with a settlement predating the planned village.
Wick Hamon lost its church in 1619, after it had fallen into disrepair and was pulled down, and appears to never have had a manor house.

However, a project run by Leicester University has been studying the close relationship between the two villages, and new discoveries have made the ties between these neighbouring villages even more intriguing.

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