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Isle of Man - Finds on the Fairway
Blacklands - There's no place like Rome
Hooke Court - School Diggers
Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand
Shorncliffe - Sharpe's Redoubt
Stilton - A Port and Stilton
Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages
Warburton - No stone unturned...
Dotton - The Domesday Mill
Chesham Bois - The Cheyne Gang
Godstone - Road to the Relics
Poulton - The Abbey Habit
Bodmin Moor - In the shadow of the Tor

Stilton - A Port and Stilton

In late March 2006, a local field-walker reported an almost complete ceramic Roman cheese press [for making goat's cheese] to the local Finds Liason Officer.
And now that he’s found the other part of it, it is the most complete Roman cheese press in Britain. What makes it all the more special is where he found it....

But this Roman cheese press is now just one of hundreds of finds from the area around the initial discovery.
Samian, mica dusted ware, Nene valley ware, local Roman coarse wares through to medieval green glazed and other objects including Neolithic polished axes, animal remains and Roman pottery making tools.

The Peterborough city archaeologist Ben Robinson and the FLO, Philippa Walton, have been out to look at the two specific sites from which the material was recovered .
It appears that some structural remains are also visible in the ditch cut where the cheese press was found and that these remains are preserved under about 2m of silt. It has been speculated that the site might be a wharf on an inland waterway which is now silted up...

Time Team have just three days...
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