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Time Team: Series 14, 2007 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Isle of Man - Finds on the Fairway
Blacklands - There's no place like Rome
Hooke Court - School Diggers
Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand
Shorncliffe - Sharpe's Redoubt
Stilton - A Port and Stilton
Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages
Warburton - No stone unturned...
Dotton - The Domesday Mill
Chesham Bois - The Cheyne Gang
Godstone - Road to the Relics
Poulton - The Abbey Habit
Bodmin Moor - In the shadow of the Tor

Godstone - Road to the Relics

A local metal detectorist user has been visiting the same field in Godstone in Surrey for the past 15 years, and in that time has discovered a huge collection of Roman finds.
Around 600 coins have been recovered, as well as a collection of brooches and some other, more unusual items that local archaeologists believe point to some sort of Roman religious site. It's also positioned alongside a Roman road connecting London to the south coast.

Local archaeologists have been wondering what is going on here for some years, and have called in Time Team to help find out. It’s a big challenge, and as usual, the Team have got just three days…
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