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Time Team: Series 14, 2007 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Isle of Man - Finds on the Fairway
Blacklands - There's no place like Rome
Hooke Court - School Diggers
Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand
Shorncliffe - Sharpe's Redoubt
Stilton - A Port and Stilton
Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages
Warburton - No stone unturned...
Dotton - The Domesday Mill
Chesham Bois - The Cheyne Gang
Godstone - Road to the Relics
Poulton - The Abbey Habit
Bodmin Moor - In the shadow of the Tor

Warburton - No stone unturned...

This week's programme was a dig on farm land in the quiet rural village of Warburton to investigate suggestions that the site could have once been a Roman fort.

Discovered by metal detecting enthusiast James Balme almost a decade ago, the site had already proven to be a hot bed of historical finds including an invaluable Roman serpent bracelet.

The assemblage of finds must be interpreted in the context of the North West of England. The evidence for Roman activity in the area is relatively sparse. Sites tend to produce few finds and aerial photography is rarely productive.
In fact there is a huge gap in knowledge about the extent of both Roman military and civilian occupation in the region.

This dig produced the largest square metre-age ever excavated on a Time Team!

And all in just three days...
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