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Time Team: Series 14, 2007 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Isle of Man - Finds on the Fairway
Blacklands - There's no place like Rome
Hooke Court - School Diggers
Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand
Shorncliffe - Sharpe's Redoubt
Stilton - A Port and Stilton
Wicken - A Tale of Two Villages
Warburton - No stone unturned...
Dotton - The Domesday Mill
Chesham Bois - The Cheyne Gang
Godstone - Road to the Relics
Poulton - The Abbey Habit
Bodmin Moor - In the shadow of the Tor

Anglesey - The Druid's Last Stand

An intriguing image was produced in early 2006 from a new aerial photographic survey of Anglesey.
On some south facing slopes – approximately 4 miles from the island’s north coast – a large pentangular earthwork could be seen.

This earthwork, had long been known about but until the photograph was taken nobody knew its full extent.
But if comparisons with other sites on the island are correct, this could be one of a small group of pentangular enclosures that date to the middle to late Iron Age.

It lies in a dramatic landscape, rich in archaeology.
Can Time Team date and identify this strange earthwork? Can the Team find evidence of how people lived there? What their houses were like? And how they lived out their daily lives.

Just three days and gale force winds gusting to 48mph was all they had....
But it did provide a very green energy source for some of the equipment...

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