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Time Team: Series 16, 2008 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
The Trouble with Temples - Friars Wash
The Wedding Present - Scargill Castle
Heroes' Hill - Knockdhu
Toga Town - Caerwent
Blood, Sweat and Beers - Risehill
Buried Bishops and Belfries - Salisbury
Anarchy in the UK - Radcot
Mystery of the Ice Cream Villa - Colworth
Hermit Harbour - Looe
Called to the Bar - Lincoln's Inn
Beacon of the Fens - Warboys
The Hollow Way - Ulnaby
Skeletons in the Shed - Blythburgh

Hermit Harbour - Looe

This week's show looks to uncover the history of two derelict chapels, one on Looe Island which dates back to 1139, and the other opposite on the mainland at Hannafore. The Team wanted to find out if they were linked or had pilgrim connections.

They discovered a lot more than they expected including human bones and a standing stone. On the mainland at the ruins on top of the hill they also found more human bones, a post hole, and pieces of pottery which may date back to the 13th century.

The Royal Navy helped with the dig and dived off the island to look for a wreck and different artefacts.
Tony said: "The dig has gone fantastically well. It's such a romantic notion and the sites are lovely. They date back way into prehistoric times and add another layer to Looe's history."

So much new information was discovered that a local historian, who previously wrote a book on the two chapels, is preparing to rewrite it.
Tom Scott, the programme's researcher, said: "The dig has been a real challenge because one site is on an island and the other on the mainland. It'll definitely make for an exciting programme. We came down to have a look and fell in love with the gorgeous island and the exciting site. We have found much more than we expected including lots of things from different periods, and have really managed to rewrite history books."

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