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Time Team: Series 16, 2008 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
The Trouble with Temples - Friars Wash
The Wedding Present - Scargill Castle
Heroes' Hill - Knockdhu
Toga Town - Caerwent
Blood, Sweat and Beers - Risehill
Buried Bishops and Belfries - Salisbury
Anarchy in the UK - Radcot
Mystery of the Ice Cream Villa - Colworth
Hermit Harbour - Looe
Called to the Bar - Lincoln's Inn
Beacon of the Fens - Warboys
The Hollow Way - Ulnaby
Skeletons in the Shed - Blythburgh

Toga Town - Caerwent

Cadw welcomed the Team onto this amazing Roman site for this weeks show and it's probably one of the best preserved in Britain.

The excavations, where seven different trenches were dug at three different locations, aimed to uncover more about parts of the town which had never been seen before. The Team concentrated mainly on two areas: a plot directly off the high street near the temple in the centre of town, and another plot to the north-west.

Tony said, 'It’s lovely to be here in Caerwent. It's a very interesting site and a real big deal for Time Team to be allowed to dig here as it's a special heritage site and now a part of the Cadw jewel box.'

Tom Scott, researcher, added, 'The site appealed to us as it is one of the best-preserved Roman towns in the UK and this was a golden opportunity for us to find out more about it. This type of town, a ‘civitas capital’ is one of around fifteen. Most of these had later towns built on top so you can’t see the town walls, but Caerwent is beautifully preserved. To be able to see the town walls on the south side – up to four metres high – is amazing, definitely the best in the country.
This heritage site is extremely important and that’s why it is so heavily protected. We’ve discovered some interesting things and originally we didn’t know people lived all over the town – especially in the north-west part – but, discovering what we have, it seems as if they did…and in some style too!'

Phil said, 'It’s great to be back here in Caerwent. I was last here in 1973 when there wasn’t as much interest in heritage as there is now and the site has been very well-preserved by Cadw.'

Rick Turner, Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Cadw, said, 'The dig has left Cadw with a fund of new information which will certainly add to what we know already about the history of this fascinating Roman town.'

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