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Time Team: Series 15, 2008 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Gold in the Moat - Codnor Castle
Street of the Dead - Binchester
Bodies in the Dunes - Barra
The Naughty Nuns - Towcester
Mysteries of the Mosaic - Cheltenham
Blitzkreig on Shooters Hill - London
Keeping up with The Georgians - Hunstrete
Saxons on the Edge - Stonton Wyville
The Fort of the Earls - Dungannon
From Constantinople to Cornwall - Padstow
5000 Tons of Stone - Hamsterley
The Romans Recycle - Wickenby
Hunting King Harold - Portskewett

Gold in the Moat - Codnor Castle

This was one of those digs where the archaeologists were waxing lyrical about the smallest of finds and that created a lot of excitement.

It was during the uncovering of the remains of a massive round tower and the first drawbridge ever discovered in the programme's 15-year history that the team uncovered a beautiful gold noble coin at the bottom of Codnor Castle's moat.

This dated back to the time of Henry V and the battle of Agincourt but it's just one highlight of this dig in Derbyshire that produced more than the team could ever have expected.

And of course - they had just three days in which to do it...
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Cally says:

I was looking forward to this programme as it was filmed not far from the village I grew up in, so I thought I’d include a few photos from there too.

Heage is about 5 miles from Codnor, lying between the towns of Ripley and Belper. There are two villages: Heage itself and also Nether Heage. They are quite large, spread out villages, with a couple of shops but with 6 pubs between them. The White Hart being my favourite pub when I lived there.
There is a Primary school in the village which I went too. Well... it was the second school I went to in Heage as my first school was closed down and has since been demolished, along with the Old Methodist Church at Parkside (there is a new Methodist church now though).

Heage has some interesting buildings:
Heage Hall, parts of which date back to the 15th Century, St Luke’s Church and Morley Park blast furnaces.
But perhaps the most striking is the Windmill.
Heage Windmill is a stone built 6 sailed tower mill over 200 years old. I used to find it very spooky as a child, in fact I found most of Heage very spooky as a kid! It was that kind of a place, lots of tales and legends associated with it - and creepy lanes.
A great place to live though and I like to go back and visit as often as I can.