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Time Team: Series 15, 2008 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Gold in the Moat - Codnor Castle
Street of the Dead - Binchester
Bodies in the Dunes - Barra
The Naughty Nuns - Towcester
Mysteries of the Mosaic - Cheltenham
Blitzkreig on Shooters Hill - London
Keeping up with The Georgians - Hunstrete
Saxons on the Edge - Stonton Wyville
The Fort of the Earls - Dungannon
From Constantinople to Cornwall - Padstow
5000 Tons of Stone - Hamsterley
The Romans Recycle - Wickenby
Hunting King Harold - Portskewett

Mysteries of the Mosaic - Cheltenham

This weeks Time Team is awash with Romans, their houses and finds and, more spectacularly, the floors from their buildings - now long gone...

Fielding the usual high calibre team and an impressive array of experts, can they solve the mysteries of this settlement?

And, of course, they have just three days.....

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Cally Says:
As I run Tony’s website I was privileged to be given permission to be onsite for one day at the Coberley shoot (Many Thanks to those at TT that made it possible).

I was onsite for Day 3 of the shoot. The day started off a bit dark and dingy but I was hoping it wasn’t going to rain, some hope! It poured down for most of the morning, but of course Time Team carries on whatever the weather, so I watched Tony doing his opening piece to camera on a bike! It was funny watching him riding about the site stopping to talk to people at various trenches, and getting more and more puffed out towards the end, but then he did a lot better than I would riding up-hill over and over again saying his lines.

I watched various scenes being filmed by crew one under the direction of Adam. I didn’t realise just how bad the rain was till I looked at my photos of a scene between John and Tony in the back of a discovery and you could actually see the rain pouring down! But Hey I was at Time Team, I was happy.

I wandered around a bit chatting to people, the archaeologists at Time Team are lovely friendly people, (you know who you are!) and are always happy to explain things to you and make you welcome. It was good to see Mark and Guy onsite too, two of my favourite Roman experts (Oh I’m such a creep!) they make their scenes seem effortless.

After a very damp morning, the afternoon couldn’t have been anymore different. The sun was shining and everything (including me) quickly dried out. I watched more crew one filmed scenes: Tracy and Mark, Mark and Tony, Raysan and Guy, Guy and Tony, Neil and Tony and of course the final piece to camera, by the mosaic trench. It’ll be interesting to see which of the scenes make it into the programme.

It was great to hear all the discussions about the archaeology, the changing opinions and to see a mosaic in situ was just fab! It all made for a very memorable and interesting day, I feel very lucky and privileged to be given the opportunity to be there.