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Time Team: Series 15, 2008 - Click on the links below for the different programmes
Gold in the Moat - Codnor Castle
Street of the Dead - Binchester
Bodies in the Dunes - Barra
The Naughty Nuns - Towcester
Mysteries of the Mosaic - Cheltenham
Blitzkreig on Shooters Hill - London
Keeping up with The Georgians - Hunstrete
Saxons on the Edge - Stonton Wyville
The Fort of the Earls - Dungannon
From Constantinople to Cornwall - Padstow
5000 Tons of Stone - Hamsterley
The Romans Recycle - Wickenby
Hunting King Harold - Portskewett

Bodies in the Dunes - Barra

After detailed logistical planning the team arrived in May last year on the island of Barra off the coast of Scotland, famous for its sand dunes which have been home to many people for over 4,000 years.For some it was a major road and boat trip, while others came by air to fly into the only only beach airport in the world to handle scheduled airline services. The three days on site were just the tip of the travel iceberg....

A recent storm ripped one of the dunes apart revealing Bronze Age graves and the remains of ancient houses.

The team had to work in the face of the fierce Barra weather to preserve a collection of Iron Age ornaments before they were gone forever, including the remains of a cooking pot and tools crafted from animal bones.

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