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Time Team: Series 18, 2011 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
Reservoir Rituals - Tottiford
Saxon Death, Saxon Gold - West Langton
Romans on the Range - High Ham
Hitlers Island Fortress - Les Gellettes, Jersey
The Furnace in the Forest - Derwentcote
Under the Gravestones - Castor
The House of the White Queen - Groby Hall
Cannons v. Castles - Mont Orgueil, Jersey
The Mystery of the Manor Moat - Llancaiach Fawr
Search for the Domesday Mill - Buck Mill
Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus Wood
Castle of the Saxon Kings - Bamburgh
Looking Underground - Geophysics Compilation
Hunters to Hearths - 'The way we lived' Compilation

Saxon Death, Saxon Gold - West Langton

This week Tony and the Team excavate a site in Leicestershire which they believe contains an Anglo-Saxon burial ground.

Though their initial search for a cemetery proves fruitless, more digging leads to the uncovering evidence of several types of funeral, as well as a highly valuable piece of jewellery. Years ago, at Winterbourne Gunner, we buried Tony with his grave goods - this time Raksha gets torched!

All in just three days...

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