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Time Team: Series 18, 2011 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
Reservoir Rituals - Tottiford
Saxon Death, Saxon Gold - West Langton
Romans on the Range - High Ham
Hitlers Island Fortress - Les Gellettes, Jersey
The Furnace in the Forest - Derwentcote
Under the Gravestones - Castor
The House of the White Queen - Groby Hall
Cannons v. Castles - Mont Orgueil, Jersey
The Mystery of the Manor Moat - Llancaiach Fawr
Search for the Domesday Mill - Buck Mill
Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus Wood
Castle of the Saxon Kings - Bamburgh
Looking Underground - Geophysics Compilation
Hunters to Hearths - 'The way we lived' Compilation

Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus Wood

An eagle-eyed forest ranger spotted bits of Roman building poking out from the forest floor in Cambridgeshire's Bedford Purlieus Wood.
Cutting-edge aerial visualisations reveal evidence of a complex of building foundations hidden in the woods.

Tony and the Team investigate what these buildings were and why they were here. It's a straightforward question, but the dig is one of the most challenging of the series as it's almost impossible for geophysics to operate in the cramped woodland environment.

The diggers can't see each other's trenches for the trees; and a thick layer of autumn leaves add to the general disorientation.
But the Team manage to uncover substantial buildings, intricate finds and what looks suspiciously like a statue.
Over three days they piece together a tale of Roman industry and trade, and what may be the key to understanding the site: the presence of a fancy bath-house.

For the more canny amongst you - this is the one that got away in last years schedule and was infamous amongst the Team for the close-up encounters with Harrier jumpjets!
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