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Time Team: Series 18, 2011 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
Reservoir Rituals - Tottiford
Saxon Death, Saxon Gold - West Langton
Romans on the Range - High Ham
Hitlers Island Fortress - Les Gellettes, Jersey
The Furnace in the Forest - Derwentcote
Under the Gravestones - Castor
The House of the White Queen - Groby Hall
Cannons v. Castles - Mont Orgueil, Jersey
The Mystery of the Manor Moat - Llancaiach Fawr
Search for the Domesday Mill - Buck Mill
Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus Wood
Castle of the Saxon Kings - Bamburgh
Looking Underground - Geophysics Compilation
Hunters to Hearths - 'The way we lived' Compilation

Cannons v. Castles - Mont Orgueil, Jersey

This week's show is the second one of two shot on the Island of Jersey and sees Tony and the Team across the Channel and far from home.
Here they search for the origins of Mont Orgueil Castle, an imposing fortress constructed during the reign of King John.

Their excavation is complicated by the fact that the newer castle was built on top of the old foundations in Tudor times and the entire site is located on a rocky outcrop. The sides were so steep that they had be scaled using climbing and ropework techniques.

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More on Mont Orgueil
Mont Orgueil Castle is built on a rocky promontory overlooking the nearby Normandy coast. It commands the Royal Bay of Grouville and has come to symbolise the Island’s spirit of independence and distinct identity.

The castle is a great place to visit and explore. As well as the obvious medieval features there are also reminders of many of the other periods of history in the life of the castle including WWII adaptations to some of the towers and turrets.
Mont Orgueil Castle is an absolute must to visit.