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The Worst Christmas Jobs in History
Elbow-deep in turkey, ankle-deep in kelp - Tony Robinson goes in search of the not-so-happy holidays spent by those who've worked The Worst Christmas Jobs in History.

From the Justice of the Peace shutting down churches and barring Christmas pudding to the Puke Collector cleaning up after the excesses of merriment, Tony bravely tries his hand at the most terrible occupations that have made the festive season what it is, from the Roman feast of Saturnalia to the 19th century Dickensian Christmas.

Other unpleasant positions include Yule Logger, Boar Hunter, Gossard, Back End of a Cow and Faggoter - someone responsible for gathering twigs in the snow. Once Tony has decided which turkey of a job wins the title of worst in Christmas history, he rolls up his sleeves and gets in the spirit.

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