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Maid Marian

Tony wrote and appeared in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men. He played the Sheriff of Nottingham. 26 episodes were made and aired between 1989 and 1994.

1st Series 1989


How the Band Got Together


Robert the Incredible Chicken

3 A Game Called John
4 The Miracle of St. Charlene
5 The Sharp End of a Cow
6 The Whitish Knight

2nd Series 1990


The Beast of Bolsover


The Worksop Egg Fairy

3 Little Brown Noses

Rabies in Love

5 Rotten Rose (1)
6 Rotten Rose (2)
3rd Series 1992
1 The Big Baby

Driving Ambition

3 Keeping Mum

They Came From Outer Space

5 Robin and the Beansprout
6 The Great Mud Harvest

Christmas Special 1993

Maid Marian and Much the Mini Mart Managers Son (50 min)

4th Series 1993
1 Tunnel Vision
2 Bouncy Sheriff
3 Raining Forks
4 The Wise Woman of Worksop
5 Robin the Bad
6 The Nice Sumatran
7 Voyage to the Bottom of the Forest

As well as the programmes, several comic books were written and two videos released.

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Comic books

How the Band got together  Rabies in Love
Robert the incredible Chicken  The Worksop Egg Fairy
The Whitish Knight They Came From Outer Space
The Beast of Bolsover Driving Ambition and Keeping Mum as one book


How the band got together The Miracle of St. Charlene.

Robin of Kensington

Maid Marian Programme Guide 

Bold Outlaw


David Chilton & Nick Russell-Pavier wrote the music with Tony for Maid Marian & Her Merry Men.
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Essential Music