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Facts on Tony
Honorary Awards
Tony has received several honorary awards which to date are as follows:
In July 1999 Tony was awarded an honorary MA by Bristol University for his services to drama and archaeology.

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At the end of 2002 Tony was awarded an honorary MA by the University of East London.
In April 2005 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Open University, the ceremony was at St David’s hall Cardiff (Tony also popped in to the YAC conference which was also held in Cardiff on the same weekend)
In July 2005 Tony was awarded an honorary doctorate from Exeter University. He received the title of Honorary Doctor in Laws for his many years as an actor and writer, and his active involvement in politics.
In September 2006 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes University. Tony was nominated specifically for making history, archaeology and politics accessible to a wider audience.
On September 19th, 2008, Tony was given the James Joyce award by the literary and historical society of University College, Dublin.

Museums & Heritage Awards for Excellence 2008:

On the 7th of May, 2008 the special ‘Overall Contribution by an Individual’ award was presented to Tony Robinson.
Through his programme, Time Team, which began in 1994
Tony, has been at the forefront of educating and entertaining the nation about our shared archaeology, history and the fascinating fabric of our nation.  His enthusiasm and quest for knowledge have transformed the way that we see the ground beneath our feet and how close we are to centuries that have preceded us.
Museums and visitor attractions across the country have seen a renewed interest in their archaeological exhibitions and presentations and have been prompted to re-present their artefacts and treasures in a new compelling ways, with new accessible and entertaining interpretations and narratives.
Tony Robinson has done for archaeology what Jamie Oliver has done for schools meals and good cooking - made it important, interesting and inclusive.

Committees / Clubs / Activities
From 1996 – 2000 he was Vice-President of British Actors Equity. Equity website

He is President of the Young Archaeology Club. YAC website

From 2000 – 04 he was a member of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party. But has always claimed he has no desire to become an MP. Labour Party website

He is a member of the arts council’s theatre committee

Consultant for the London Philharmonic Orchestra for whom he writes and presents a series of “rough guide to Classical music” concerts

Tony is an avid Bristol City Fan. Bristol City website
Like all the best people Tony is left handed!!!

Tony is 5’4" (1.63 m) in height

Rode a motorbike for years but progressed onto sport cars he use to drive what he described as the “the worlds sexiest car”. He now drives a not so sexy but practical vehicle. Click here for the Land Rover Website.

A keen diver which has been put too good use on Time Team

He has one son, and one daughter.

If Tony could visit any time in history he would love to go back to the time of Jesus and see what was really going on!
Tony has worked for BBC Radio Bristol

He has won numerous awards as a writer of children’s TV programmes including two royal television society awards, a BAFTA and the international Prix Jeunesse.

Books: Tony has written 18 children’s books most recently, in 2005 "The Worst Children’s Jobs in History".

Favourite books are: MiddleMarch by George Eliot and Scarlet and Black by Stendhal.

Discworld audiobooks : He is putting the entire works of Terry Pratchett onto audiotape. 42 titles have so far been completed by Tony so far. Click here for a complete listing.