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Journey to Stonehenge: A Time Team Special:Channel 4: 28th November 2005 at 9.00pm
Just a short distance away from the well visited Stonehenge is the biggest henge in the country - Durrington Walls.

Difficult to really appreciate from the ground due to its size and many years of plough damage!
Many people drive the road that runs through the middle of it without seeing what's either side of them!

The road is both blessing and curse in that it cuts the henge in two but also enabled the biggest scale archaeological excavation of its time which revealed a great deal.
The programme follows the the dig, led by Mike Parker-Pearson, which is year 3 of a 10 year plan to investigate this unique area.

Trenches were opened in the henge itself and on 2 of the adjoining hills, one of which had a large standing stone just lying in the field!

Large groups of archaeological students were the main workforce and they lived under canvas on a campsite behind a pub a few miles away.
The timber henge that Time Team re-constructed is probably their best and most ambitious project yet!

Hundreds of tons of timber were cleverly intercepted on their way between the managed woodlands and the sawmill for this faithful reproduction of the Southern Circle.

It took men and machines 7 very long days to put up and was only up for a week!

It was an amazing and somewhat special structure and everyone who saw it wished it could have stayed up for more people to enjoy!
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