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"Is there going to be another series of Blackadder?" " When Time Team leaves town what happens to the gardens you've wrecked?" "Are you that bloke with the mallet off Whack-a-Day?" People's curiosity knows no bounds.

In my show you can ask me anything you like. I want to tell you about my early life as a sickeningly precocious child actor in "Oliver", I want to show you where Baldrick's boils came from, recount my meteoric rise from lefty leaflet distributor to member of Labour's ruling NEC, and reveal the secrets of the groupies who knit Professor Mick Aston's stripy jumpers.

But more than that I want to talk about some of the Worst Jobs in History. I'm sick of telly programmes that show the Virgin Queen Elizabeth single-handedly transforming England in between snogging sessions with her latest court toy-boy. Most of our history is a million miles from that. It's the story of ordinary people doing crappy jobs for crappy wages. The Gong Scourer, the Pipe Roll Transcriber and the Tosher have all got fascinating stories to tell. And now's the time to tell them.

This show is the love child of Simon Schama, Alastair Campbell and Eddie Izzard. See it and you'll be the envy of your friends. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing along, you'll throw up. Miss it and you'll probably contract the Purples or the Rising of the Lights or some other symptom of the Great Plague, and die a slow, lingering death...

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