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Tony Robinsons Cunning Night Out - DVD Recording, Cheltenham
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So how did a man who made his name as a stinking, turnip-loving simpleton crawling through the trenches in Blackadder, hit the big time grubbing around in the mud trying to locate an Anglo Saxon burial ground in Time Team, before achieving superstar status by rolling up his trousers to wade through urine in the Worst Jobs in History?

Packed full of hilarious tales, tender family stories and entertaining historical anecdotes championing the little
guy, Tony Robinson's one man comedy show has sold out at venues throughout the UK. An uproarious, fast paced roller-coaster ride through the twists and turns of his life from the Artful Dodger to Baldrick and beyond.

Special Features include: a Q&A session with Tony including the 'Blackadder Question' and Any Old Iron?

This is due for release on 5th November but is available to pre-order now from Acorn Media UK.

Two special behind-the-scenes video features and a clip from the dvd itself are online now - follow the links below.

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Click on the image to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes video as Tony and the crew prepare for the show.
4 minutes: 27mb.

To view these videos requires Quicktime 7: Download free from Apple.
Click on this image to see an exclusive interview with Tony about the tour.
4.5 minutes: 33mb
Click on the image to see a clip from the dvd - courtesy of Acorn Media.
1.5 minutes: 21mb