Secret Underground Bristol by Sally Watson:
ISBN 1 874092 95 8

Broadcast books 2002

Plunge into the secret world beneath your feet…..down mysterious tunnels and hidden waterways, through eerie caves and glittering grottoes, forgotten mines and nuclear bunkers. Discover an ancient castle moat, undreamt-of by
the crowds’ pavements above, and a monstrous cavern beneath a pretty public park. Find out where the crown jewels were hidden from Hitler, and how a canny clergyman guarded his love nest with access tunnels too narrow for his portly wife to negotiate.
Secret underground Bristol- the most popular book ever written about the city- is back in response to public demand. This beautiful new edition has been substantially extended to take in exciting underground features beyond the city boundaries. Full of colour and highly entertaining, it is packed with the latest information, fascinating photographs and vivid maps.

Foreword by Tony:

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