The Ultimate Time Team Companion by Tim Taylor
ISBN 0 7522 1819 0

Channel 4 books 1999

Time Team is Britain’s most popular archaeological programme, and this book provides the ultimate guide to all the excavations that it has featured. All fifty sites are included, showing our history at its most fascinating from the dawn of time to the modern age.
In the Ultimate Time Team Companion, Tim Taylor, the series producer, draws on the expertise of the Time Team contributors to answer all your questions about the programme. The book provides both a complete guide to the fascinating excavations in the series and a view of the history surrounding them.
Most of us can name at least a few of the major events, places and people in British history. But the details are often more confusing. Did the Saxons come before or after the Romans? Did King Arthur really exist? When did Charles I lose his head or Wellington defeat Napoleon at Waterloo? This book has the answers.
Following the success of Behind the Scenes at Time Team, Tim Taylor has also included five fascinating photo stories from the latest series. This year the team have been to Cirencester to discover their first Roman mosaic, have had a poignant trip to northern France to a site where an early spitfire pilot plunged to his death, learned how to fire a musket at Basing house, a royalist household held under siege for two years during the Civil War, as well as exploring the wetlands at flag fen- Britain’s most famous Bronze Age site- and the Palaeolithic history of Elveden in Suffolk.