The Time Team Guide to the archaeological sites of Britain and Ireland by Tim Taylor ISBN 1 905 02601 3

Channel 4 books 2005

Great Britain and Ireland are home to some of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall and Ironbridge
are familiar to us all, and each year thousands of us flock to witness their spectacular beauty. But what can these fascinating sites teach us about the lives and times of our ancestors?
Here, in this beautifully illustrated and impeccably researched book, Tim Taylor and the experts behind Channel 4;s much loved Time Team select Britain’s and Irelands most interesting archaeological sites and use their specialist knowledge to reveal the people behind the monuments-their ways of life, their religious beliefs and their impressive skills, strength, technology and ingenuity.
Split into regional chapters, the book features a range of unmissable locations from each area, and also focuses on the Time Team’s see-before-you-die sites, explaining just why they are so important to our understanding of the past. There is a guide to key points to watch out for at each major site, as well as often-missed fascinating facts from the archaeological reports, beautiful photographs and stunning reconstruction drawings from the show’s illustrator, Victor Ambrus.
Encompassing sites from hillforts and motte-and-bailey castles to Roman villas and Neolithic graves, this comprehensive guide provides a fresh, illuminating and invigorating insight into the human history behind the landscape of Britain and Ireland.

Foreword by Tony