Odysseus: The greatest Hero of them all

ISBN: 0 340 39679 2 BBC 1986

“ They were all standing in a circle in the middle of the room, the most powerful men in the world all together. Drawing their daggers, they cut their right hands, and as the blood dripped onto the pile of gold, they swore Odysseus’ vow; Helen could many marry whom she liked, and the princes would defend them both. There was a silence, broken only by the drip of red blood on gold.”
Everyone’s heard of the wooden horse of Troy, haven’t they? And everyone knows of the beauty of Helen- who’s face once launched a thousand ships-don’t they? Well this is the story the way Odysseus saw it all; from his boyhood to his participation in the bloody Trojan war itself.
Tony Robinson and Richard Curtis bring lively humour and a contemporary idiom to their retelling of this famous legend. Based on the exciting Jackanory series.

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