Mick’s Archaeology by Mick Aston ISBN 0 7524 1480 1

Tempus 2000

This is the book that all Time Team viewers have been waiting for. What was it that brought Mick Aston- the wild-haired, stripey-jumpered team leader into archaeology in the first place? What aspects of the subject give him a particular buzz? What archaeological work has he been involved in over the last 30 years? How did Time Team itself come into existence?
For those who know that Mick is also a Professor of Landscape Archaeology at the University of Bristol it is no surprise that landscape archaeology remains his first love- because it provides so much information about how ordinary communities lived in the past. What is more surprising is his passion for monasteries and his attraction to the monastic regime- if only it wasn’t for the celibacy and the religious belief!
Environmental archaeology, experimental archaeology, the archaeology of buildings and his great project at the village of Shapwick in Somerset are just some of the other subjects brought excitingly to life in Mick’s colourful and action-packed pages.
Reading this book, it is easy to share the author’s basic conviction that ‘archaeology is fun.’

Foreword by Tony