The tragedy of Korosko by Arthur Conan Doyle
ISBN 1 84391 039 X

Hesperus Press Ltd 2003

A disparate group of western tourists collect aboard the Nile steamer Korosko, anticipating a trip filled with sight seeing and civilised colonial pleasures. But, when, during a morning excursion in the desert, they are kidnapped by a group of dervish camel-men, their relationships, their beliefs and their survival are placed in jeopardy.
In the Tragedy of the Korosko, Arthur Conan Doyle evokes the uncertainty of the late-Victorian era, a time of white supremacy and cultural hegemony, but also a time when the moral authority of western imperialist powers was starting to be called into question. Each of Conan Doyle’s carefully drawn characters takes their part in the cultural and spiritual debate that underlies the story, and each emerges with a greater understanding, be it personal or universal, at the close. Written in 1898 and permeated with a sharp humour, this high melodrama intertwines Conan Doyle’s interest: global responsibility and the quest for spiritual truth.

Foreword by Tony