Tales from Fat Tulips Garden Paperback

ISBN 0 590 70453 2

A Hippo Book from Scholastic book services Inc 1985

Fat Tulip is lazy, greedy and an incredible slob. His friends are equally odd. And in the garden Sylv and Ernie frog, the toads Peter, Paul and Mary, Lewis Collins the tortoise and Dorian the dog are running riot.
Have you ever put your foot in last Tuesday’s breakfast? Fat Tulip has. Whatever he does, he makes a mess and his friends are just as bad.
There’s Thin Tim who lives in the airing cupboard, Fred the baddy (the stink bomb fiend) Inspector Challoner, the half-witted policeman….And as for the creatures in the garden…Ernie and Sylv the frogs turn his kitchen into a vast soapy lake, Mary toad bobby-traps his bathroom and the “super tortoise” Lewis Collins disguises himself as a fruit cake and nearly breaks Fat Tulips jaw.
In Tales from Fat Tulips Garden Debbie Gates and Tony Robinson have created a wonderful collection of characters. Dirty, greedy, funny, fat, mean and nasty they may be - but they will stay in your memory forever……unfortunately!

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