Drawing on archaeology Bringing History to Life by Victor Ambrus ISBN 0 7524 3144 7 Tempus books 2006

How does excavation enable the archaeologist to reconstruct the past? Victor Ambrus, who has been the Channel 4 Time Team artist since the programmes inception 1994, has selected some of the key excavations from the series, especially those of the last three years, to show how it has been possible to recreate snapshots of the past.

The book forms a collection of reconstruction drawings, which convert the bare bones of archaeological excavation into living history: through the eyes of the artist, we see people from the past going about their daily lives. What comes to light reflects not just drawing but the experiences of an illustrator for whom tramping through mud and wandering around in horizontal rain are all part of the fun.

Ambrus’ evocative sketches cover everyday life in the country and the towns, trade and industry, religion, crime and punishment, and wars and warriors. There are also sections on prehistoric animals, royalty and the antiquaries.
This is a companion volume to the author’s best-selling Recreating the Past, which was the History Today New Generation Book of the Year 2002.