My Celebrity Boyfriend by Liza Frank ISBN 879-0-7475-8158-1 Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 2007

“Hello there, I’m a photography student and I’ve come up with an idea to ask famous men to pretend to be my boyfriend for a photograph. And I’d like you to help me. Now, before you chuck me into the weirdo/stalker/desperate bin…”

So began Liza Frank’s quest to be photographed with as many celebrities as possible in the name of art. This hilarious collection of her encounters is the astonishing and unruly result. Liza found herself posing on motorbikes, running away from Deer, sharing sausages, sipping margaritas in a very pink hotel room, having a gun held to her head in a bizarre cult suicide pact, and even being proposed to. Among the multitudes of illustrious icons eager to join The Brotherhood of Boyfriends were Johnny Vegas, Martin Clunes, Tony Robinson, Nigel Havers, Jamie Theakston, Vic Reeves, George Galloway and Dexter Fletcher.

Guaranteed to appeal to anyone who “reads” celebrity magazines, gets trigger happy at the sight of what’s-his-name off the telly, or dreams of having a famous fella of their own one day, My Celebrity Boyfriend is a daring and altogether surprising look-through-a-lens at the nation’s favourite celebrities.