Bloody Britain: A history of Murder, Mayhem and Massacre:
ISBN 0 7495 3494 X

AA publishing 2002

At last –a book that focuses on the historic details you really want to know about……the gory bits!
In every part of Britain, in some place at some time a bloody event, a murder, a massacre or an outbreak of fatal pestilence has taken place-some notorious, some known only in local legend. In this popular location-based exploration of Britain’s bloody past, you can pinpoint the violent events and terrible disasters that simultaneously fascinate and revolt us all.
Lively accounts of rituals, martyrs, murders, battles , hangings, piracy, punishments, trail by ordeal and witch burnings across the country bring Britain’s bloodstained landscape to life. Events to national importance and local history combine in one chilling volume to give a full and flesh-crawling picture of our barbaric past.

Foreword by Tony