The Whole Damn Dynasty:
ISBN 0 7181 4372 8

Penguin group 1998

Are you looking for a book that is as cunning as a fox that has just been made professor of cunning at Oxford University? Look no further. Blackadder the whole damn dynasty is the book for you- a book that will make you as happy as a Frenchman who has just discovered a pair of self-removing trousers. All of British history through the eyes of one man - and his Baldrick.
Uncover the merits of six-year-old Baldrick’s school report, and find out why he had an advantage over his fellow chimney-sweeping classmates; and pore over notes on the very first mediaeval torture implements available at a reasonable price. Also included is an index of all Blackadder most exotic insults, so you can have at your fingertips the greatest examples of wit ever spoken by the finest entertainers since St.Paul the evangelist toured Palestine with his trampoline act.
All this and the definitive, full scripts from all four series; an essential purchase for anyone who ever thrilled to the name Blackadder, and shuddered to the name Baldrick.