The Blackadder Programme Guide by Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons:
ISBN 0 7535 0447 2

Virgin 2000

“The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devils own satanic herd!”
Succinct as ever, Blackadder sums up the story of his life. Caught up in a world where everyone else seems either stupid or inept, he is at a loss to understand why problems and bizarre situations should follow him around like a bad smell ( much like Baldrick, in fact.)
With only his wit to save him-and often with the burden of some not bery cunning plans Blackadder tires to improve his lot in life, but barely manages to muddles through it at all. The best of Blackadder’s cutting comments, evil machinations, double entendres and opinions are examined in this detailed companion to this cult British comedy.
Cunning is a unique guide that covers the entire history of Blackadder, considering each episode from the untransmitted pilot to the new Millennium special. Cunning also takes a look at TV comedy shows that have been inspired by Blackadder and tells you everything there is to know about the much-loved programme.