Back and forth by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
ISBN: 0 140 29135 0

Penguin books 2000

Dear noble purchaser,
Thank you for buying this delicious little book, about which, before you read it, I have two important things to say:
1: I cannot apologise enough for all the photographs of Baldrick. He is an ugly little tyke and all I can suggest is you tear little sticky bits off post-it notes when you get home and cover his face with them.
2: I cannot apologise enough for the fact that most of the cash from the book is going to charity. I fought this tooth and nail- it is so obvious that I could spend the money so much more wisely and swiftly on myself. I cannot begin to tell you how short I am of genuinely stylish mohair crested evening slippers.
Nevertheless, it is a fine little object. Devour it slowly and I think it will bring you great pleasure.
As you know, generation after generation, my family have only ever wanted one thing-to bring pleasure to all mankind.*
May God bless you all in the new millennium Edmund Blackadder, Rex.

*Except Baldrick.