Archaeology is Rubbish: A beginner’s guide:
ISBN 0 7522 6519 9

Channel 4 books 2002

This is the story of a fantasy dig readers are invited to undertake in their back gardens to find out what is buried underneath it. Their initial small trench gradually gets bigger until they are compelled to destroy their garden shed. Then they come down on the remains of a Roman Villa. Their excavation extends into their neighbours back garden, and ultimately over their back fence into the field beyond, which is the site of a proposed supermarket. What began as a piece of keyhole archaeology is by the end of the book a massive site complete with mechanical diggers and dumper trucks.
Archaeology is Rubbish is a manual for everyone who wants to know how the task of excavation is undertaken. It also answers some of the questions archaeologists are most often asked, such as, “ What do you do if you come across human bones?”, “ Suppose you find something valuable? Or
“ How do you know what’s in your trench when all you’ve got are different shades of earth?”
As well as taking the reader on an archaeological journey, Archaeology is Rubbish tells the history of the discipline of archaeology, from the earliest looters of the pyramids to the present day, and explores modern archaeological techniques. It will encourage those with an interest in digging, but equally it will amuse and engage those whose archaeological ambitions are limited to turning the pages of this book.
This is a fascinating, humorous look at the ins and outs of archaeology by two of Britain’s favourite television archaeologists.