Theseus: The King Who Killed the Minotaur. By: Tony Robinson and Richard Curtis. Chivers Children’s Audiobook ISBN 0-8161-7577-2 1992 (1hrs 36mins)

Theseus has returned! Long Live Theseus! Theseus the Hero! Theseus the immortal! Theseus the God! Theseus certainly has a reputation to live up to! After being saved from death as a baby, he had gone on to fight the Great Tosser, fallen into the clutches of Pine Bender and duffed up his Uncle Laius. He even managed to avoid having hid legs sliced off by an axe-wielding innkeeper, defeated a horde of pirates and visited the underworld. Oh –and he killed the Minotaur as well. And all in the space of this book! Theseus was certainly some hero!