In Search of British Heroes: By Tony Robinson Macmillan ISBN 1-4056-3252-9 2003 (approx 3 hrs)

In search of British Heroes is the story of a quest, a journey into history and across contemporary Britain to discover the truth about five legendary figures.
Boudica, Macbeth, King Harold, William Wallace (better known as Braveheart) and Robin Hood come to us as a mixture of fact and fiction. They are larger than life. Their lives and sometimes tragic deaths symbolize something greater than themselves. From the Roman invasion to the Age of Chivalry, they mark milestones in British history and the British Character.
Tony Robinson sets out on a journey across the country to retrace the stories of the real people behind these legends, to find out where they lived, loved and fought. In going behind the official story, he not only uncovers even more remarkable facts about some of the greatest Britons who ever lived, but also shows them to be truly local heroes: legends who lived on our doorsteps who have left their mark not only in the annals but beneath out factories, fields and schools.
These heroes belong to a shared heritage and this is a shared journey with Tony, as he burns away the mists of time to reveal the flesh-and-blood characters behind the ghosts that still haunt every corner of our country and culture.
In Search of British heroes accompanies the television series Fact or Fiction produced by Spire Films for Channel 4.