Blackadder’s Christmas Carol: By Richard Curtis and Ben Elton BBC Radio Collection ISBN 0-563-38988-5 1999 (55mins)

A BBC TV Christmas special plus a comic relief programme starring Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and Tony Robinson.
Dickens classic tale of kindness, truth and virtue completely ruined by having a member of the Blackadder family involved.
Ebenezer Blackadder is a decent, kind and generous human being. That’s is until he receives a visit from the spirit of Christmas who shows him famous Blackadders from the Elizabethan and Regency period along with his space age descendant who becomes ruler of the universe.
Stuffed with deeply horrible people and groaning with cartloads of seasonal bottom jokes, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol manages to squeeze everything into a huge piece of entertainment which will satisfy everyone - unless you’re a beadle, an orphan or a long dead member of the Royal family. And for second helpings: The Cavalier Years, set during the Civil War in which Lord Edmund Blackadder tries to remain faithful to King Charles despite the fact that he’s about to have his head cut off by bottom-breath Baldrick.